Belair Christmas Lights

Belair Christmas lights Icon
Added firework elements on roof, added pixel curtain across balcony - replacing previous LEDs. added singing Xmas tree wireframe, redid every song and added new songs.  Changed controllers to support pixels.  
Will add new sound track sign if I get time...

2013 Pics   

My first yeat of using pixels.  Added a pixel mega tree, Santa and reindeers, and the cherry trees.  Added some static lighting on trees and bushes. 
Added the Ditto sign for the neighbours - one of the most commented on items! 
I still dont know what I am doing!  
Added the nativity scene, santa and reindeers, and candy canes. 
2011 - the first year
I didn't really know what I was doing.  Bought the wrong type of light strings - live and learn.  It got me started and the feedback even for such a simplistic show was positive.