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2017 Progress  (click here)

2016 Progress  (click here)

2015 Progress

Unfortunately I ran out of time to implement new elements this year.  I may get some up but will be much closer to Christmas if I do.
Started on adding some new music for 2015.  Songs have been mixed and ready to start sequencing.  
Installed new Vixen program for sequencing.  Thanks to the Vixen development team for their work on this free program.  
Planned new elements, but finances may stop them being added this year.  

2014 Progress

Dec 22:
Apologies to those who came and saw the show tonight., due to the rain, not all of the elements were on.  Also I needed to run from the PC and the show didn't contain all of the current versions of the songs.  Hope to be fully back on line tomorrow night. 

Dec 6:
Finally finished 'sound track' sign.  After some 15hours of soldering LEDs its done.   I underestimated the amount of work considerably.
It is also slightly brighter than I expected!  The sign casts a red glow right across the road, across the footpath on the other side of the street, and up onto the neighbours bushes.  You could read by the light it throws out.  
There is no excuse for not knowing the FM soundtrack channel now!  
Dec: 1
3mm LEDs arrived so now to start soldering up my "Sound Track" sign.   1117 LEDs to be bent, fitted and soldered.   
Nov 30:
Show is live!  
One day ahead of scheduled start, but several days behind desired start.    
November 22:  
Rain has delayed roll out of the show.
Still patching the elements to the computer channels.
Still building power supplies for roof units.  
20 November:
Working on the grid array on the balcony.  Being a new item I have had some problems.  Some caused by me!  The following pie charts show where my time went.
It took ages making up wiring looms so take down and setup next year will be 'plug and play'.  
Pie chart of time spent on Xmas show
PIe Chart of time spent problem solving
18 November:
Setup has started.  Yay
Elements have been put in yard and hung, etc.  
Cabling due to start tomorrow.